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This tiny country is a powerhouse of technological breakthroughs. From the software that runs our businesses, to the cars that drive us, to the medicines that heal us, Israeli innovation is everywhere. To capture the full scope of Israel related opportunities, we invest across a broad span of industries in everything from early-stage startups to more mature publicly traded companies. Ibex is one of the most active foreign investors with a dedicated Israel Strategy.

Mobility Revolution 

The road to the autonomous transportation future will be the biggest technological revolution of our lifetime – creating new industries and ecosystems, destroying old, and transforming an industry that hasn’t changed in decades. There are multiple building block evolutions that we actively seek to capitalize on- Sharing/Connectivity, Electrification, and Autonomy. Using a long/short equity strategy we plan to capitalize on the massive winners and significant losers in this $10 trillion+ revolution.

Israel Venture Capital 

Known as the Start-Up Nation, the Israeli ecosystem is like no other. With billion-dollar exits routinely coming out of a country the size of New Jersey, we aim to capitalize on uncovering these hidden gems. The Israel VC Strategy focuses on investing in early-stage Israeli startups across various sectors. As an early partner to the most promising companies, we align closely with our portfolio companies towards success. 

Mobility Revolution Venture Capital

Leveraging the same thesis of our Mobility Revolution Strategy, our global Mobility VC Strategy focuses on private markets across the three building block evolutions – Sharing/Connectivity, Electrification, and Autonomy. We partner with our portfolio companies throughout their entire lifecycles – from seed stage all the way through IPO – to help accelerate the transformation of the Energy and Transportation sectors and create the pillars for our autonomous future.


The Ibex Select Investment Strategy offers investors the ability to co-invest alongside Ibex or one of our strategies in a private company we’ve found to have an attractive risk-reward return profile. The Ibex Select Investment Strategy is a great opportunity for investors to get additional exposure to private companies with substantial reward potential.

Ultra-small Microcaps

Our longest running strategy is focused on ultra-small publicly listed microcaps, specifically the 10th decile. Overlooked by larger institutions and rarely covered by research analysts, the microcap landscape is full of hidden gems for those willing to do the hard work that it takes to find them.

We target outsized returns through niche, non-correlated, differentiated strategies. Additionally, we proactively seek out markets and opportunities commonly dismissed as too difficult or too different. 

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