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About us

If you’ve made it this far then one thing is obvious, we’re not your typical investment company, but let’s focus on things you don’t already know.

Within each successful company there is a product, but only behind the revolutionary companies is there a true purpose that supersedes the physical offering. We work tirelessly to generate outsized returns, but which investment company doesn’t do that? At Ibex, there is more. We are obsessed with reinventing the financial services industry through exceptional, thoughtful, and personalized service. Our underlying passion for human connection and personalized experience is blatant. Seems hard to believe, until you feel it for yourself. We are first and foremost a community, and we hope you join us in redefining the entire investor experience.


Money can’t buy you happiness, or so they say. Spent in the right way, we’ve found supporting our local communities and empowering organizations give us a greater sense of joy than receiving or otherwise not spending at all.  

Arts & Culture

Health & Wellness

Human Services

Youth Development

Environmental Impact

Community Development

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