Adam Averbach

Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Laura Huff

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Montgomery

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Jennings 

Director of Treasury

Julie Sndyer


Stephen Iliff


Danielle Debouver

Executive Assistant

Chano Fernandez

David Sable

Kevin Knieriem

Kipp Bondar

Ajay Shroff

Brian Decker

Lawrence Myers

Dr. Todd Borus

Yuval Moskovich 


We strive to hire the best and are always looking for exceptional people. To us, it's all about talent and succeeding at every level. We are currently hiring for both junior and senior positions in all of our funds. Please send your resume to

We strive to be the best. To us, it’s all about talent and succeeding at every level.

Justin Borus

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gal Gitter

Partner, Israel VC

Nicole Priel

Partner, Israel VC

Michael Donnelly

Partner, Select Investments

Cooper Stainbrook

Partner, Israel

Ryan Mahon

Partner, Mobility 

Jeff Peters

Partner, Mobility VC

Brian Litvak

Associate, Mobility VC 

Yarden Amsalem

Associate, Israel VC

Katie Frisch

Vice President, Portfolio Specialist

Mark Roberts

Data Scientist

Marie Kiczek

Vice President, Investor Relations

Lindsay Broyles

Vice President, Investor Relations

Michelle Duncan

Director, Events

Jennifer Thomson

Associate, Investor Relations

Lian Swirksky

Vice President, Marketing, Israel VC

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